Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sister Fillmore’s “Appetizers” from Last Week:
Christ provides light for the dark times in our lives.
• When night came they (Jaradites) did cease not to praise God. (Do I do the same during the “nights” of my life?)
• They (Jaradites) had light continuously above or beneath the water. Have I asked and obtained my source of light to warm me during the times I am “below or above the water”?
• Their children (Jaradites) were taught to walk humbly before the Lord; they also were taught from on hight. How do I encourage my children (grandchildren) to “walk humbly before the Lord? Do I walk humbly before the Lord?

Lesson #46 “By Faith All Things Are Fulfilled”
Ether 7 – 15

Context Setting:

The last half of the book of Ether describes the blessings of righteousness and the curses of wickedness. Prophets helped preserve the Jaredites for many years. However, secret combinations eventually led to strife and the overthrow of freedom.

The story, as it unfolded, caused me to be amazed, saddened and hopeful all at the same time. Amazed at how quickly a strong nation can adopted a society of wickedness, saddened at the death and destruction and suffering and hopeful knowing that God is quick to forgive and bless those who truly turn their hearts and lives towards Christ.

Some things to consider:

Why do Mormon and Moroni write so much concerning their historical/political situation of their day and the end of their society? How do we apply these warnings to our own lives?

Ether 7:
Symptoms of decay: Lack of gratitude and failing to remember the source of their blessings Ether 6:30, 7:27, Ether 10:2

How can we better recognize and remember these blessings through:

• Personal and family scripture reading
• Testimony bearing
• Recording personal and family histories

Ether 12: v 6, 7 &12

What are four characteristics of faith that Moroni teaches us?
How have you seen the power of faith manifest in your life or in the life of someone you know?
What is the connection of being meek and strengthening our faith? Ether 12:26

A Merry Christmas Treat to You . . . Please Read and you will be rewarded!

The Meek and the Lowly by Neal A. Maxwell an excellent talk that shares, as only Br. Maxwell can, the attributes of becoming meek:
• Wears Christ’s Yoke
• Key to deepening discipleship
• True Education
• Offsets the Chains of Pride
• Enables Ears to Hear
• Prepares us for the eternity
• Prevents the small view from becoming reality
• Strong men are meek

May each of us have the personal desire and patience to recognize our weaknesses as opportunities to become more faithful unto our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

May peace and joy be yours as you celebrate His blessed birth!

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