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Lesson #44 "I Speak Unto You As If Ye Were Present" - Dec 7, 2008

Objective: To help members understand counsel given by Mormon

1-Mormon exhorts descendants to believe in Christ

Mormon 7:1-2 Why is this important to know? (Abraham 2:8-11)

Mormon 7:3-10 What instructions did Mormon give us?

Mormon’s instructions

Mormon 7:3,5,8,10 Repent, be baptized, receive Holy Ghost

Mormon 7:4 Lay down weapons of war

Mormon 7:5 Come to knowledge of ancestors

Mormon 7:5-7,10 Believe in Jesus Christ and Atonement

Mormon 7:8-9 Study gospel in Bible and Book of Mormon

D&C 49:24 How is this prophecy being fulfilled today?

2- Moroni prophesies about coming forth of B of M

Mormon 8:1-5 What emotions do you sense from Moroni?

Mormon 8:14-16 Moroni prophesied of whom?

President Ezra Taft Benson

“I commend you faithful saints who are striving to flood the earth and
your lives with the Book of Mormon. Not only must we move forward
in a monumental manner more copies of the Book of Mormon, but we
must move boldly forward into our own lives and throughout the earth
more of its marvelous messages.” (General Conference, April, 1989)

Mormon 8:21-22 How can these words strengthen us?

Mormon 8:26-32 What did Mormon prophesy about today?

Mormon 8:34-35 What did Mormon say about us?

Mormon 8: 36-41 How does pride affect attitude toward needy?

President Ezra Taft Benson

“The antidote for pride is humility – meekness, submissiveness. It is
the broken heart and contrite spirit… God will have a humble people.
Either we can choose to be humble or we can be compelled to be
humble… Let us choose to be humble.” (General Conference, April, 1989)

3- Moroni exhorts people (us) to believe in Christ

Mormon 9:1,3-5 Who is Moroni talking to?

Mormon 9:6 How can we dwell in God’s presence?

Mormon 9:7-8 What people do not believe in gifts?

Mormon 9:11-17 How is God a God of Miracles?

v. 11-12 Creation of heavens, earth, and mankind

v. 12 The Fall

v. 12-13 The redemption

v. 13 Resurrection of all people

v. 13-14 Return of all people to Lord to be judged

Read Bible Dictionary – Miracles. What did you learn?

Mormon 9:18 What did Moroni refer to here? Why?

Mormon 9:20-21 What causes miracles to cease?

Mormon 9:24-25 What signs follow believers?

Mormon 9:27 What did Moroni exhort us to do?

Prophet Joseph Smith

“Where doubt is, there faith has no power.” (Lectures on Faith [1985], 46)
“Those who know their weakness and liability to sin would be in
constant doubt of salvation if it were not for the idea which they have
of the excellency of God, that he is slow to anger and long-suffering,
and of a forgiving disposition, and does forgive iniquity, transgression,
and sin. An idea of these facts does away doubt, and makes faith
exceedingly strong.” (Lectures on Faith [1985], 42)

How does this apply to me?

What would Moroni expect of the Sequim, Happy Valley Ward?

Adapted from Dennis Roberts Lesson 44 Mormon 7-9 Outline

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