Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lesson #13 "This Generation Shall Have My Word through You"

Hi Everyone - I found the perfect video to introduce this lesson topic today - but the logistics of showing it in class overwhelms me. So, I hope at least a few of you will be able to enjoy it anyway.

It is a beautiful You Tube video called "Oh How Lovely Was the Morning" and it focus on Joseph Smith's ministry starting with his first vision through his martyrdom in just 25 short years.

During that time period he received revelation and doctrinal teachings that had been up to that time lost to this generation. Basic life questions like:

Does God exist?
• Physical nature of the Godhead

What is the origin of man?
• Pre-mortal existence
• Our creation in God’s image

What is the future of man?
• The three kingdoms of glory
• Eternal marriage
• Our potential to become like Heavenly Father

How do we become sanctified through the law of Christ?
• Mode of baptism
• The gift of the Holy Ghost
• Resurrection

Where do we receive the ordinances of salvation?
• Apostles and prophets

Who has the authority to administer the ordinances?
• Melchizedek Priesthood
• Aaronic Priesthood

What about those who die without knowledge of the gospel?
• Baptism for the dead

Enjoy this video and give thanks for our beloved prophet, Joseph Smith.
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"Oh How Lovely Was the Morning"

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